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The strength of any company is the skill and character of its people. Lammert Construction is a team of capable and caring people you can trust to help you achieve your goals. The company’s Project Managers and Field Employees, as well as Specialized Sub-Contractors, are not only experienced and skilled at what they do–they’re also honest, courteous, clean cut and easy to work with.

Lammert Construction is very well established as a remodeler of quality commercial interiors as well as high-end residential projects. The Lammerts, along with their experienced employees, have continued to build the company’s excellent reputation for integrity and service for over 20 years. They are known by their suppliers, subcontractors and local building vendors for their honesty, dependability and commitment to their business.

Commercial Remodeling in St. Louis and St. Charles, Missouri

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Lammert Construction is a family-owned business established in 1987. We are WBE (Women Business Enterprise) & IBC (International Business Code) Certified. Ed Lammert directly oversees field operations, while Erin Lammert monitors the administration branches of the company. They will usually bid new projects together. This tends to work to the customer’s advantage because they will be receiving two different perspectives on their remodeling project. This husband & wife team has lived and worked in the St. Louis area their entire lives. They are proud parents to their four children; daughter Kaley and triplets Ryan, Jennifer and Shawn.



The Lammerts believe in delivering personalized service and quality regardless of the project’s size or budget. All work must meet their high standards of appearance and workmanship. Their goal is to provide the design and the highest value in quality materials and installation possible. Each individual’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures a quality final result.


They both put a tremendous importance on a strong family structure are upstanding citizens in their community, volunteering much of their time with charity organizations & events.

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